Set five years after the 2nd Runner, Zero Wing is the story of multiple frames...
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PostSubject: ARES   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:10 pm

Name: ARES
Class: C
Current Faction: BAHRAM
Original Faction: BAHRAM
AI: S.I.N.
AI Acronym Meaning: Second Innovative Neurocomputer
AI Personality: (In a paragraph or more, describe how your AI interacts with the frame's pilot)
First Deployment: 2176
Dimensions: 23.4 meters tall
Fixed Armaments: Unlike Jehuty, ARES has two anti-armor Metatron blades. The blades are designed to be able to fire energy blasts, like Jehuty. However, this has not been seen,
Optional hand armaments: In order to compensate for a lack of firing from the arm blades, ARES can carry two energy pistols that can mimic the natural power of the arm blades' energy cannons.
Subweapons: Zero Shift, Phalanx, Halberd, Homing Missile, Wisp
Notes: ARES was designed with both Jehuty's and Anubis's combat data. This allowed it to be compatible with copies of most of Jehuty and Anubis's weapon systems. However, the Vector Cannon was unable to be copied. Zero Shift was barely able to be copied as well.
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