Set five years after the 2nd Runner, Zero Wing is the story of multiple frames...
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- In the 22nd century- mankind is freed from gravity. -

The human race expands into space for new land. Terraformed Mars is now a colony of Earth, and the human race covets Jupiter as well. While new resources and new lands bring light to their future, they also bring along some new trouble. People living in space under Earth's oppression are called "The Enders" -- "people living in outskirt colonies". There seems to be a major gap between Earth-born and Space-born people. They turn hostile at each other as the controllers and the controlled.


The mysterious ore Metatron has been discovered during space colonization. A versatile ore, Metatron not only is an excellent energy source but also a great material for militaly purposes. An anti-earth organization on Mars secretly developed gigantic humanoid weapons called "Orbital Frames" with Metatron. Orbital Frames fought Earth's humanoid weapons known as LEVs. People on Earth are threatened seeing the overwhelming power of Orbital Frames. Mars colonists finally have enough power to match Earth. They have been inferior until they obtained these Orbital Frames.


Two years ago, there was an incident on Antilia -- under the joint control of UCM (United Colonies of Mars) and the UNSF (United Nations Space Force) in which the UNSF took over Martian firm NUT's research facility area using militaristic means. A month later, Vascilia County -- one of the Martian counties that were opposed to the actions of the UNSF -- sent its military for "the liberation of the colony." This was the first time gigantic humanoid weapons called Orbital Frames -- much more powerful than the conventional military LEVs -- were used in real battle. The battle itself was a quick and easy one for Vascilia County. The UNSF, suffering a major loss, retreated from Antilia. Since the colony suffered substantial damage during battle, immigration plans from Mars had to undergo major changes. There were rumors that the reason why Vascilia sent in their liberation force was because they were backed up by NUT headquarters. But as a result, the contrary to the hopes of NUT happened. People looked at the vicinity of Jupiter not as a frontier of hope but instead a dangerous conflict zone.


The year 2174. The BAHRAM army started armed suppression of Mars and Earth after obtaining overwhelming war potential with its army of leading Orbital Frames. Anubis, the Orbital Frame controlled by Aumaan project leader Nohman devastated the UN Space Force. The surface of Mars turned has been scorched. The impregnable fortress Aumaan determinative to BAHRAM's victory is about to be completed.
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